This is the old Web-site for the "Dillville" Tent City of Lakewood, NJ. Our camp was bulldozed by the Lakewood Township government in June 2014! This Web-site is preserved for historical reasons.

Parking Ticket

On August 23rd, 2013, Minister Steve Brigham received a $54 ticket for parking in a "prohibited area". The school bus was parked by the entrance to Tent City - on the east-bound side of Cedar Bridge Ave, about 40 yards east of the South Clover St traffic light. The ticket was paid on Aug 27.

The bus was positioned there for only a few minutes, in order to unload folding tables - which Minister Steve sets up at Town Square to distribute surplus donations to the needy of Lakewood Township, and which were now needed to be set up at Tent City to host a dinner brought in by the Immanuel Bible Church. It did not impede traffic or cause anyone inconvenience of any kind.

It is suspected that increased police intrusiveness into Tent City is the Township's response to the visit from Barbara Buono, which happened the day before. Minister Steve, Tent City, and Lakewood Outreach Ministries do not endorse any political party or candidate for office, and politicians from multiple parties have previously visited Tent City; whereas the Lakewood Vaad has openly endorsed Chris Christie.

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