This is the old Web-site for the "Dillville" Tent City of Lakewood, NJ. Our camp was bulldozed by the Lakewood Township government in June 2014! This Web-site is preserved for historical reasons.

Legal Documents

This page will list and summarize the various public legal documents related to Tent City and Destiny's Bridge, grouped by category, with most recent on top... It may act as a springboard for content that will later be moved to topic-specific pages...

"Outlawing Homelessness"

(We are still in the process of identifying the exact legalese that was passed on passed on April 18th...)

"One Year Free Housing"

Unsorted Documents From NJCEH

The following documents were imported from the NJ Coalition to End Homelessness (NJCEH) "Tent City Updates" Web-site...

(TODO - understand, rename, organize, comment...)



In addition to the above PDF documents, the "Archived" sub-section of the "Tent City Updates" page on the NJCEH Web-site contained the following Web links:

(TODO: organize on appropriate pages)

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