This is the old Web-site for the "Dillville" Tent City of Lakewood, NJ. Our camp was bulldozed by the Lakewood Township government in June 2014! This Web-site is preserved for historical reasons.

Consent Order

The "Consent Order" was verbally agreed to in principle at the 03/15/2013 hearing of the Ocean County Superior Court.  It was signed a few weeks later - by the attorney/s for Minister Steve and numerous residents of Lakewood's Tent City, and by attorney/s for Lakewood Township.  It stipulates that officials of Lakewood Township will arrange for and provide at least one year of safe, adequate indoor housing to all residents as of time of the stipulated `census' who apply upon reasonable opportunity for assistance from the county Board of Social Services; also that  neither Minister Steve nor residents covered by the agreement are to help additional people to move into the camp.  The `census' took place starting in April, 2013. 

At the time of this update (07/07/2013), fewer than ten (10) residents are known to have been offered housing as a result of the agreement's provisions.

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